My Treasure

I could search
The depths of oceans
Scale the highest mountain top
I could unearth hidden treasures
Chase life's pleasures, 'til I drop
Seek the thrills
That taunt the masses
In so many different ways
Gain the riches I would need
To be set, for all my days
But, all these things...and more
Never could replace
The treasure that is mine
When I gaze upon your face!

© 1995, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-009



Someone, so exciting!
Someone, always new
Full of joy and laughter
To me that someone's you
Someone, kind and gentle
Whose smile I love to greet
Forgiving of my foolish ways
Compassionate and sweet
Someone in my memory
There, when mornings start
A special someone who'll remain
Forever in my heart!

© 1996, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-010

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