A Year-Round Birthday Card

This little card is quite unique
In a very special way
It's made to last..... to be with you
For more than just today
The purpose of this little verse
Is just to let you know
You're someone very dear to me
And I had to tell you so
More than just a birthday card
Tied to a personal gift
It's my heartfelt thought
From deep inside
To give you a year-round lift!

© 1996, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-007


The Natural Way

I enjoy being nice to you
And these words
Will tell you why
It's the natural way
You make me feel
I don't even have to try
To say the words
That let you know
How very much I care
I simply search
Inside my heart
And find them..... naturally there

© 1995, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-008

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