A Smile

Winners and Losers

Look about, and you will see
Those like you and those like me
Folks, with needs like yours and mine
A need for a smile or an act that's kind

We may not speak with tongues the same
Or, even know each other's name
But, what unites us for awhile
Is just a casual, friendly smile!

© 1999,  Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-027B

Winners are filled with reasons why
Their dreams can come true.
And so, they try!
They give of their best in work or at play
They treasure every fleeting day
Regardless of how the day appears
Winners arise, without fears
In rain or sun... in snow or hail
Their course is set. Their ship is at sail
When things go wrong,
As they sometimes do
Winners plan! While losers stew!
Winners persist and achieve success!
While losers, only second-guess
Winners never think of their age
Both young and old winners win!
While losers only sit and think
"Had I tried, what might have been?"

© 1997, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-028

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