Our Legacy

The Secret of True Success

Let us find a joy
Which shall never cease
In our work and in all we do
Let us give to the world
From our talents... now
And our whole life through
And, when our bodies
Are laid to rest
When our time
On this earth is 'oer
May those works
Achieved while we were here
Continue giving more!

© 1997, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-025

Let me spend myself
In what I do
Yet, feel I've labored not
Let me strive
For excellence in tasks
Let me give, the best I've got
And if that gift
Which I possess
Shall gain me man's acclaim
May God reach down
And humble me
If my head is turned, by fame!

© 1995, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-026

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