Thoughts.... to console

What do I say and how do I find
The right words to offer?
These thoughts fill my mind
Feelings of love, I wish to express
To bring consolation
In your time of distress
This little card, is one way to send
My love and compassion
You're much more than a friend
You're in my heart, a someone dear
In your joy, I rejoice
In your grief, I'm in tear
I pray these brief words
Bring you comfort this day
That your life is enriched
By these thoughts I convey
© 1996, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-017

What is Living?

Living is deeply loving someone
Feeling loved, being needed
Giving, unconditionally
Being thankful for each new day
Knowing the purpose of your life
Being at peace within
Loving your work... feeling a calling
Being thankful... for what you have

Enjoying good health
Greeting the world with a smile
Having a song in your soul
Appreciating the simple things
And knowing.....
These are only a few
Of the many wonderful things
That make life..... so worth living!

© 1996, Marvin W. Lowe
Card No. THC-018


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